How to compile the perfect jewelry collection

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Jewelry is like the perfect spice; it always complements what’s already there.”  – Diane Von Furstenberg.

Like every kitchen needs staples, so does a woman’s jewelry box. There’s nothing better than a few basic, but exquisite pieces that can dress up or down an outfit. There’s beauty in simplicity and this means making a statement with your pairings whether you’re going for a classic, eclectic or even glamorous look. No matter what the occasion, you can mix and match the same items and create absolutely new looks each time. Your jewelry must have a claim on your heart and include pieces you won’t tire of, want to give away or hand down any time soon. Statement earrings or a pair of cufflinks can really illustrate your personality and complete your outfit.

Jewelry Collecting

Whether you’re wearing a little black dress or a sundress and espadrilles, you won’t have to spend too much time deciding on accessories (a must for any lady). We keep these five classics on the top of our trinket tray – diamond earrings, a simple neck piece, a tennis bracelet or plated bangle, and we absolutely love a variety of precious stone rings – but here are some more essentials for those who of us who need a little more choice:

  • A simple, yet beautiful watch like a Tag Heuer Formula 1 or an Omega Speedmaster 38
  • A pair of diamond studs (the little black dress of your jewelry box)
  • A pair of pearl earrings – freshwater pearls can take any outfit to a 10 without even trying and they come in the most beautiful range of colors from white to cream to blush.
  • Whether your color of choice is silver or gold, a simple or stacked necklace of choice is an everyday essential. You can transform a workwear dress into an evening wonder by simply adding a thin string of pearls, diamonds, or casual cord and pendant. This one essential is something you can have tens of – they’re classic and sophisticated and you’ll need them in every length, thickness, color and style.
  • A cuff is the perfect pairing to your watch, and this is why you’ll need it in silver, gold and rose gold.
  • Rings, rings and more rings. There’s not much need to motivate why your hands should always be adorned with jewels. It is one of the most feminine pieces and you can wear them in so many different ways. You can never go wrong with a classic diamond eternity ring, precious stones, and pearls.

Jewelry Auctions and Collecting

Keep it classy:

Layer your jewelry wisely. Do not make it look too busy.

Don’t mix different metals.

Choose one statement piece.


A Final Tip:

Make sure you store your jewelry in a case that is made with high quality materials that can prevent moisture build up so that your jewelry doesn’t tarnish.

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